Company car and van drivers are involved in about one in every four serious road collisions, and every week around 200 deaths and serious injuries involve fleet drivers.

The cost to businesses runs into millions – fleet repairs, insurance, time off work for drivers and missed deadlines to name a few.  It is estimated that one in three of the 3 million company cars on the roads will be involved in a collision every year.

The Health & Safety at Work Act, Corporate Manslaughter legislation and case law all mean that employers must consider what risks their employees are involved with – even when they are driving.

I can provide company driver risk assessments, fleet driver training and safety presentations individually tailored to clients needs.

I draw on my wide knowledge as a Driver Trainer and experience gained as a Police Motorway/Traffic Officer and Collision Investigator to deliver a high quality credible product, that with the inclusion of real-life scenarios has a made a favourable impact on many of my delegates.

This training will not only reduce risk of collisions involving fleet drivers, but dramatically reduce costs, for example insurance, fuel and repair bills.  This training is a benefit to any business.

Any vehicle that is driven by someone carrying out business on behalf of a company is regarded as a place of work and therefore subject to current legislation.  This expressly includes the so-called “Grey fleet” of vehicles owed by the employee but used for company business.  Some employers believe, incorrectly, that a valid drivers licence and MOT certificate is sufficient to ensure the safety of their employees and the general public. This could not be much further from the truth.

Company Driver Assessments – In-vehicle

To help your company I offer company driver assessments.  These assessments are designed for drivers of all types of company vehicle.  They are usually performed in the vehicle the driver is accustomed to, but a vehicle can be supplied if required.  If you have company car or van drivers who need assessing, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Benefits of our Fleet Driver Training Services Include…

*       Reduced fleet costs – insurance, repairs, fuel etc.

*       Less days off work for drivers, missed orders, bad publicity

*       Compliance with relevant legislation


There are plenty of reasons for employers to look at the operation of their fleet and company car drivers.  For that reason, my fleet driver training programmes are based on the needs of the individual client. I will offer the best advice possible to your company, whilst providing an extremely high standard of fleet driver training.

Fleet Driver Training can help:


*       the drivers.

*       the company.

*       Road Safety.

*       the community.

*  DSA Fleet Registered Driver Training

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